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✔. We are friendly, courteous, caring, knowledgeable, detail oriented and efficient; our practical advice adds value and can translate to a far better travel experience for you. No matter how good you are at getting deals yourself, we are better connected than you are; you will wish you have a travel expert when you run into trouble and you don’t know what to do.

✔. A true expert or adviser will give highly personalized service from start to finish. We sell experiences and specialization. The one-on-one expertise you are purchasing can never be compared to an online travel deal or service from script reading online customer service associate. We can do things a search engine can never do. We sometimes charges fee for services we do not receive remunerations on, this is expected so we can stay in business.

✔. We recognize your needs, answer your questions, know what you want, speak your language, keep track of personal preferences and give different options to suit your preferences and budget.

✔. We handle complex itineraries. Provide best options and prices.

✔. We let you buy deals that will favor you; we reveals the terms and conditions associated with cheap travel deals. We have an objective judgment on whether a place or travel package is worth it and do not hold back information.

✔. We are incredibly responsive and reachable. We are always there for you when in trouble no matter the time.

✔. We have an ear to the ground and know recommendable places, package deals, exotic resorts, transportation, lodging and cost.We are able to guide you, saving you time and money.

✔. We put our product knowledge, familiarization trip experience and past customer experience together and use them to provide a hassle free travel experience for you.

✔. We care. We are a true friend who takes the stress of planning your trip off you.

✔. We work using relationship and trust building skills; We do not disclose your personal data and travel information without your authorization thereby making you a client for life.

If you fly frequently as an individual, family or corporate and any of the qualities listed above is missing in your travel planning, please ask the wonderful people at TCI – who from being passionate turn to professional, and allow myself and my team change your travel planning experience. We have an understanding of times and we often use the slogan “You Dream It, We Make It’ irrespective of status.

We love making the joy of travel happen for the rich and poor by working with their budgets. We sell experience, personalized travel service, expert advice from start to finish. We are reachable – we work round the clock and we are able to solve any travel issues at any time. We adopt new ways and we are smart enough to burn bridges for our client knowing well the impact. We are also an advocate of best practices in the travel industry.

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We have smart phones, we have credit cards, we can see for ourselves what is available, what are the cheapest prices, hundreds of hotels to chose from online, THEN WHY book through a travel agent??? Isn’t it going to be very much like a blind date: it is a mix of anxiety and aspiration. You are going to spend a portion of your time with this company representative, so what they are like really matters. It is your holiday, but a knowledgeable, highly experienced, reputable, professional and caring travel agent can greatly enhance your travel experience and save you thousands of rupees!, plus assist your during your trip when you will care not to be bothered by any unfriendly or unexpected event!

You’ve decided to go on vacation– perhaps your first venture overseas — and you’re a little overwhelmed. You have to consider how much you’re willing to pay, whether to book an inexpensive inside room or splurge on a suite, and which country or city are right for you, how many nights you should spend, where you would be dining during your stay, are these the only flights available, which sightseeing or excursions you may chose, which locations in the city should be preferred and so on….

In the age of the Internet, many people assume that online is the only way to book travel. And as booking online can be simple and easy, at the same time can often be confusing specially because you may never know what all you have missed! May be the hotel next door to the one you chose is twice as better and even cheaper but you did not come across it on the website and thus you missed out never even knowing that you may have missed something or may be you are simply in the wrong country while you could have paid thousands less for a better beach and better weather in a similar standard hotel with more natural beauty…

That’s where a knowledgeable, experienced and professional travel agency makes a difference. In fact, according to the Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) 213 Cruise Market Profile Study, nearly 75 percent of cruise travelers book their cruises through travel agents, a preferred way of tourism these days.

One of the most important things to know is that TCI — in particular, travel specialists has a team which has been onboard the ships, onboard airlines, lived in most countries of the world, worked in quality resorts an 5 star hotels, managed budget resorts and are extensive travelers by profession and passion both and can really give you first-hand advice about different travel options.

We have done a great deal of research through familiarization trips and Travel seminars, so you don’t have to do the work yourself which will still be a mere shortcut and cannot be compared with years of experience and study.

Even better, We often have access to special discounts or perks — or know best where to find them, which time of the year is low or high where, where to get you the best value for your money, how to ensure that every traveler in your group has something for his taste, whether the hotel or the destination chosen fits all in your group, your profile, and that you are aware of all the hidden expenses which might take you by a shock when you actually are going through your trip, — and as we make our incentives mostly from hotels and airlines so you don’t pay more for our services and expertise!, In fact lesser than market online prices at most times!!!

So Welcome to TCI, you are one call or one email away from getting in touch with us for a free consultation for the vacation of a lifetime and we will work all the way diligently to satisfy you and provide you an experience that will far exceed your expectations.

A good Travel consultant has an in-depth knowledge of a destination, its appeal, what it has to offer and importance. A great travel expert has passion for their subject and can share their enthusiasm with travelers. Such passion can be contagious and inspiring, making a destination really come alive during your actual trip. Being able to express a sense of the cultural background of a destination is also important, as it can greatly enhance what you experience on your tour.

Effective travel planning may invite questions and a short interaction from your side. A holiday package should be made relevant to each person in a group and a should be designed keeping in mind every individual’s needs.

A great travel company knows how to create travel plans! A high level of knowledge, skill and creativity with calculation is essential to optimize efficiency for every trip. The most memorable times in life are when you’re having fun in your holiday and are satisfied you’re your planning and this should be no different. Great travel consultants share their knowledge in an engaging, illuminating and guiding way. A good travel consultant also knows when to allow for a little time, to let the clients decide themselves!

Plan your travel suited to your personal tastes with your very own private travel expert at TCI and enjoy future complimentary assistance on all your travel related queries.

Yes, our plans and packages are a little more than many of our competitors. But it’s not because we cost more, it’s because you get more.

The best travel agents and vacation plans designed for you.

At TCI, We’ve spent years getting to know our clients desires, so that we can create the perfect trip for you.