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Thirty five plus countries, All continents of the world, The Atlantic ocean, The Pacific ocean, and every time he got back, he was back in his very own country India and traveling extensively again to different parts there itself, a Traveler by work, by passion, an enthusiast or probably an obsessive compulsive traveler with a hunger to see more, reach farther, a quest to quench the never ending thirst of exploring, more pictures in the most amazing places of the world, more wonders to find, more heritage sights to put feet in, travel during extreme climates in Alaska, Antarctica under freezing temperatures, contrastingly spent 4 years alone in Dubai.

Between the years of 2004 and 2014, Vikas traveled across China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Phillipines, Indonesia and Mauritius in Asia , In Europe he explored Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Israel in the Mediterrenean to name a few, in Africa did Egypt, in Central America crossed the Panama canal, in South America, it was Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru, also spent a lot of time in the Unites States of America and Canada, before making it to Austalia and New Zealand.

He admits that he has been lucky to have seen it all, has been everywhere possibly someone can be and lived and spent time with different people from all over the world, traveled with 30 different airlines, has flown about 200 plus times, cruised the sea for years, driven thousands of kilometers in India on land and then decided to settle down finally with TRAVEL CONCIERGE INDIA, a dream company set up and raised by Vikas himself in 2012 where he made associates similar to him with a passion for travel and knowledge and now offering genuine quality services based on knowledge, skill, destination experience and the best strength which is to having seen and done it all as a traveler himself. He gives credit of his work ethics to his parents whom he has seen all his life as so profound visionaries with brilliant work ethics themselves in their respective areas of work.

Vikas completed a 3 years Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from a National council institute in India in the year 2000 and later went on for a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Studies before he went to work for 5 years with five star HOTELS Grand Hyatt Dubai and Sheraton in India and managed star resorts in Rajasthan and Himachal for a couple of years and then 7 years of CRUISING around the world with Norwegian Cruise Lines and Holland America Line as an Officer in the Food and Beverage Department.

Today, Vikas’s vision is to offer the highest quality and credible travel services to people who approach TCI by guiding them unselfishly, facilitating Visas for around the world, creating and organizing vacation plans, recommending hotels and flights keeping in mind the clients , taste, profile, occasion, itinerary and travel history and offer a final product that is precise, well organized, satisfying and top value for money and perfectly fits every traveler or a range of travelers going together.

Vikas says ‘ If we offer you a hotel or a HOLIDAY PACKAGE, then it’s the best for you, not for us’. Running this travel company is my passion, my desire, my way of living and yes money is always there but not at the cost of anyone’s interests and faith in approaching us. We take pride in organizing and planning vacations for people which are very personalized, professionally optimized to joyously enhance their time of vacation, booking them at best value for money hotels and offering products at possibly the lowest rates around thus achieving the nearest perfect client satisfaction.

Winning our CLIENT’S TRUSTand then maintaining it with results just as promised is the ultimate goal with every booking that we make and serving them even better in the future with even better recommendations is the way TCI approaches it’s work.

Get in touch with Vikas HERE or by calling the 24*7 helpline at TCI for any professional advise about your travel planning. We don’t charge for this! We are always here to help and guide you during our working hours regardless of the fact that you can go and buy your products from anywhere you like.

To all those travelers and guests, who have used our services in the last three years, we thank you for choosing TCI as your preferred travel partner and travel expert and we look forward to diligently exceeding your expectations in the future as well.

TCI lead travel expert


Travel professional, expert resource, lecturer and guide, Lance Schuler had dedicated his life to ensure that everyone he meets travels with knowledge, fun and enthusiasm about the places they visit. Lance has worked in the CRUISE LINE industry for 6 years as a Location Guide, giving professional presentations on a variety of topics in the regions he sails. Topics include history, culture, geology, wildlife and local information all centered on his guests’ travel experience and getting the most out of their time abroad.

“The desire to travel is within us all, to seek out new places, meet new people and discover ourselves. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. Let’s go and be adventurous!”

Lance was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. His father was a pilot in the United States Air Force so a life of constant movement and travel was destined to be in his life. Lance graduated high school in Louisiana, attended college in Louisiana finally graduating in Florida with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. After college Lance joined the United States Navy and worked as an Electrician in the Nuclear Field, working on and operating nuclear fueled ships and submarines. His interests moved from fine arts to physics at this point and Lance attended continuing education classes at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut while stationed in Groton, Connecticut. After a career in the United States Navy Lance finally had the opportunity to stay in one place. But staying stationary was not in his nature, travel was. And so his travels continued and his passion to tell others about the places he’s visited was sparked into a raging fire.

Lance has been to over 100 countries and visited over 100 ports-of-call worldwide and wants to share his knowledge with everyone he meets and those that seek more. He has a thirst to share his adventures and travel, with all.