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Invitation for Business Association

TCI has one of the best teams of travel experts and growing in stature every day with cliental that’s adding at a smart pace every hour and we manage to retain most of our clients simply because we work on such ethical grounds winning every client’s trust and providing only genuine products and services at most affordable prices not to forget our renowned caring after sales service which has been admired by almost all travelers after purchases with us. We have structured our way in this challenging field and are on the way to going up with every passing day. With increase in our monthly revenue at a charming pace and an ever growing loyal cliental, we are inviting business partners in various fields who can match our values of ethical business and hard work with a professional team and an understanding of emphasis on client satisfaction. Want to know us better CLICK HERE.

Nature of Business Associates

We are looking for:

• Firm/Company/Sole proprietorship in the field of Travel Agency, Air Ticketing professionals, Ground Transportation service providers, Car rental agencies, Visa facilitators, passport assistance providers and Travel Professionals who have the passion and are willing to excel in this and related fields.

• The Associates having at least two years of working experience in the identified areas.

• Associates must have direct or related values of client satisfaction and commitment to offering only quality service and products to their clients.

• Organizations having professionals with travel marketing base.

Business Potential

This will be dependent on case to case basis. For every particular proposal, a case based estimate and work flow of association will be generated.

Modalities of Working

We are also willing to assist work in related areas where the proposed associate has the core competence of knowledge and market understanding but lacks the platform and infrastructure. Depending upon the opportunities available, proposals would be submitted to the clients either individually by TCI or jointly with the business associates. On confirmation of the business, the task could be executed either jointly by TCI and Associates or exclusively by Associates under the guidance of TCI. Get an idea of our TRACK RECORD HERE

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing may vary from case to case and would be mutually discussed and agreed upon prior to commencing any such assignment.

Application for Business Associates

Interested firms or individuals can send a mail with your company profile or personal profile to business@tcigroup.co.in