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The first thing you should know about TCI is that the travel specialists are very selectively chosen those who have been on board the cruise ships and airlines as crew, have lived or are living in different countries of the world, worked in quality resorts and 5 star hotels or Ex Managers from budget properties, understand the inside story of visa facilitation and passport assistance and most importantly extensive travelers by profession and passion both and really provide you first-hand advice about different travel options. In the coming up phase as well as on an ongoing basis, We have done a great deal of research through familiarization trips and travel seminars, so you don’t have to do the work yourself which these days is called a convenient search and cannot be compared with years of experience, study and travel passion. Next, Being in the business, we have access to special discounts or perks — or know best where to find them, which time of the year is low or high where, where to get you the best value for your money, how to ensure that every traveler in your group has something for his taste, whether the hotel or the destination chosen fits all in your group, your profile, and that you are aware of all the hidden expenses which might take you by a shock when you actually are going through your trip, and as we make our incentives mostly from hotels and airlines so you don’t pay more for our services and expertise!, In fact lesser than market online prices at most times! may sound like a strategy, but it’s surprisingly true with most businesses. Thirty five plus countries, All continents of the world, The Atlantic ocean, The Pacific ocean, and every time he got back, he was back in his very own country India and traveling extensively again to different parts there itself, a Traveler by work, by passion, an enthusiast or probably an obsessive compulsive traveler with a hunger to see more, reach farther, a quest to quench the never ending thirst of exploring, more pictures in the most amazing places of the world, more wonders to find, more heritage sights to put feet in, travel during extreme climates in Alaska, Antarctica under freezing temperatures, contrastingly spent four years in Dubai. Between the years of 2004 and 2014, Founder of TCI, Vikas Rattan traveled across China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Phillipines, Indonesia and Mauritius in Asia , In Europe he explored Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Israel in the Mediterrenean to name a few, in Africa did Egypt, in Central America crossed the Panama canal, in South America, it was Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru, also spent a lot of time in the Unites States of America and Canada, before making it to Austalia and New Zealand. He admits that he has been lucky to have seen it all, has been everywhere possibly someone can be and lived and spent time with different people from all over the world, traveled with 30 different airlines, has flown about 200 plus times, cruised the sea for years, driven thousands of kilometers in India on land and then decided to settle down finally with TRAVEL CONCIERGE INDIA, a dream company set up and raised by Vikas himself in 2013 where he made associates similar to him in experience, knowledge and and passion for travel and now offering genuine quality services again based on knowledge, skill, destination experience and the best strength which is to having seen and done it all as travelers themselves. TCI currently operates from Shimla, Chandigarh and Delhi and has acquired a very strong loyalty from it’s clients over the first three years of operations, thanks to the skill, genuine recommendations, lowest pricing strategy and above all the ethical values with which it operates. The company’s first priority is client satisfaction and providing products that are precisely tailor built for every traveler at best prices, then topped up with friendly, caring and professional follow ups during actual trips so the clients are taken care of every where during their trip, be it picking them up from certain locations, or at the airports or during their sightseeing trips. TCI ensures that every effort is made to take care of our client’s comforts during their trips and to help them instantly in case of any unforeseen circumstances. And that is something we take pride in. Trust is what we build and Loyalty is what we gain. So Welcome to TCI, you are one call or one email away from getting in touch with us for a free consultation for the vacation of a lifetime and we will work all the way diligently to satisfy you and provide you an experience that will far exceed your expectations.